Hindu Rashtra essential for facing the opposition of the Islamic countries ! : Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale, National Guide of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Press Conference in Panaji for the Tenth Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan

Panaji, 10th June (News) – The ‘Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan’ which is held annually in Goa for the past 10 years, began the discussion about Hindu Rashtra all over the Country. And this motivated people to begin work in various fields with the goal of Hindu Rashtra.

Many Islamic countries have united against India, because of the alleged anti-Islam comment made by Nupur Sharma, when she was the BJP spokesperson. Al Qaeda has spoken directly of attacking India. But we do not see anyone expressing opposition to the anti-Hindu statements calling the Shivalinga a fountain or why do Hindus worship the private parts or reproductive organs (Shiv Linga). Which Hurt the sentiments of the Hindus.

Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale

This itself highlights why it is necessary for having at least one Hindu Rashtra in the world. With this in mind the Tenth Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan is being held; from 12th to 18th June 2022 at Ramnathi Devasthan, Ponda, Goa, informed Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale at the press conference. Prof Subhash Velingkar of Goa’s ‘Bharatmata ki Jay Sanghathan’, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s National Spokesperson Mr Ramesh Shinde, Sanatan Sanstha’s National Spokesperson Mr Chetan Rajhans were also present in the press conference.

In the Adhiveshan ‘Hindu Rashtra Parliament’ is going to held to demonstrate to inculcate the working methodology that will be adopted in the Hindu Rashtra and also guidance about ideal governance in the Hindu Rashtra.

Addressing the Press Conference (from Left) Mr Ramesh Shinde, Sadguru (Dr) Charuduta Pingale, Prof. Subhash Velingkar, and Mr Chetan Rajhans

Support of all the people of Goa for the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan

Prof. Subhash Velingkar

There is no alternative for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra, is the opinion of the people of Goa – Prof. Subhash Velingkar, Bharatmata ki Jay Sanghathana

There is a strong feeling among the Hindu’s of Goa that the Hindu Rashtra must be established, this is my experience. Though they do not have the courage to say it in public, Hindus feel that there is no other alternative than the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra. The oppression of Hindus in Goa, till date, will reduce only after Hindu Rashtra is established. There many issues, worrying the Goa Hindus, on the anvil. There will be discussions on issues like take-over of Hindu Temples by the Government, Conversions, migrants from Bangladesh, and the Rohingyas, at the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan at Ramnathi Ponda. All the Gomantkiyas are supporting this Adhiveshan, said ‘Bharatmata ki Jay Sanghtan’s state sanghchalak Prof. Subhash Velingkar.

1. The Historic Vijaydurga Temple land that the Christian Church organisation wants to grab should be surveyed and the truth revealed.

Till date the Church organisation has not been able to build Churches on the site of the two temples that were destroyed by the Portugese. These two temples are Varnapuri’s Sri Sri Mahalsa Narayani Temple and Sri Vijaydurga Temple at Shankhaval in Murgaon Taluka. A huge Sri Mahalsa Narayani Temple has been built in Varnapuri. But for the past 10 years the Church organisations have been conspiring to grab the Shri Vijaydurga Temple’s ruins at Shankhaval. This is a continuance of the reprehensible Portuguese practice of pressurising the Government and grabbing the temple lands. In Shakaval, the broken ruins of the temple have been buried and an unauthorised Chapel has been built in its place. Though the archaeological department has named the site ‘Frontispiece of Sancoale’, the Church Organisation is trying to take it over unauthorisedly by calling it ‘Frontispiece of Sancoale Church’. All the Hindus in Goa want that an archaeological survey is done so that the truth comes into the public domain. Then build a magnificent temple of Sri Vijaydurgadevi.

Dr Pramod Sawant, CM of Goa has said that the temples destroyed by the Portuguese will be rebuilt and that an anti-conversion bill will be passed in the coming session of the legislature. All the Hindus in Goa have welcomed Dr Sawant’s decision.

2. That there are 1.5 Lakh ‘Believers’ converted by Goa’s Priest Dominic is a signal of the danger for Goa.

Pastor Dominic of Shivoli’s ‘Five Pillars Church’ of the ‘Believers’ whom the police arrested in the issue of conversion, is out on Bail. He should be investigated. His wife too should be questioned. He has converted 1.5 lakh Hindus into ‘Crypto Hindus’ who have Hindu names in Goa. It is a dangerous signal that Goa has 1.5 lakh ‘Believers’

3. Ban PFI in Goa and lift the ban on the Sri Ram Sena.

Dr Sawant has said that he will recommend the banning of the ‘Popular Front of India’ which has connections with Pakistan, to the Centre. The Chief Minister should not wait for the decision of the Central Government but ban the organisation at the state level. Along with this, he should lift the ban on Shri. Pramod Mutalik’s, the founder of ‘Sri Ram Sena’, entry into Goa. This is the request of the Hindus as he and his associates have been banned from entering Goa for many years though they have not done anything wrong, other than being dedicated Hindus.

4. About 45 thousand Bangladesh and the Rohingya Muslims have infiltrated and settled in Goa. They should be found and deported out of Goa.

Mr Chetan Rajhans

Many temples all over the country are in a similar condition as Goa’s Temple in Sancoale – Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

Mr Chetan Rajhans, the National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha said, ‘Numerous temples in the country are in a similar condition as Sancoale’s historical Sri Vijaydurgadevi Temple in Goa. As there is a Hindutva party in the Centre and numerous states, building the Ram Temple, abolishing Section 370, and passing laws against love jihad and conversions have been done. But though such constructive work has been done, the work freeing the Historical sites like Kashi – Mathura and many more such places still remains. Owaisi is saying that we will not let you take away the Gyanvapi. Girls like ‘Lavanya’ are committing suicide because of the forced conversion done by the Christian Missionaries. Though it is 32 years since the genocide in Kashmir the killing of Hindus in Kashmir has still not stopped. The Hindus are still fleeing from their homes. Hence it is necessary that the Hindus unite to get their Constitutional rights.

Mr Ramesh Shinde

The invitation has been sent to more than a thousand representatives from the country and from abroad – Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Mr Ramesh Shinde the National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti said at the Press Conference that, Invitations for the Adhiveshan have been sent to more than 1,000 representatives of 350 Hindu organisations in America, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, Nepal, and the 25 states of India. In this Adhiveshan the topics like ‘Kashi’s Gyanvapi Mosque’, ‘Free Mathura movement’ ‘Places of worship act’, ‘Kashmiri Hindus Genocide’, ‘Noise pollution due to the loudspeakers on the mosque’, ‘Hijab agitation’, ‘Halal Certificate an economic jihad’, ‘Protection of Hindus’, ‘Protection of temples, culture and History’, ‘Conversion’, ‘ Islamic encroachment on forts’, will be discussed and resolutions passed.

Acknowledgement of the country wide discussion on Hindu Rashtra, an idea first put forth by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Journalist Ramnath Pai expressed his reaction at the press Conference. ‘he said, the concept of a Hindu Rashtra was expressed in the press conference of the first Adhiveshan. 10 years ago, no one was talking of a Hindu Rashtra. Today I have come for the Press Conference of the 10th Adhiveshan; today countrywide the Hindu Rashtra is a topic of Discussion.’

Question-Answer session at the Press Conference

1. Sapha Masjid is from the Adilshahi period is only talk – the answer from the Archaeological Department to the RTI question

Question : Ponda has numerous Temples and Mosques. Temples have a pond on its premise, Mosques do not, only Sapha Mosque has a pond. Why asked a journalist.

Answer (Mr Chetan Rajhans) : Sapha Masjid has a board stating that it is from the Adilshah period. When we tried to get papers through the RTI act. The Archaeological Department said that it did not have any such papers. ‘The board is put up, as the people say it is from that period’ said the Archaeological Department. In the Hindu Dharma, it is said that the Deities have a presence.

Hindu tradition awakens the Deities’ principle through the water. So, there is a pond on the temple premises. As the Arab countries are desert, the question of water does not arise. We are trying to get information about the pond in the Sapha Masjid. The question also arises if the PFI has contacted the Department and got this false narrative started by putting up that board at the Sapha Masjid.

2. Discussion of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ among Hindus as well as those who oppose Hindus

Question : A journalist asked, The process of declaring India a Hindu Rashtra is within the Central Government’s jurisdiction. Do you demand from the Centre, to pass the adhiveshan resolution of a Hindu Rashtra ?

Answer : Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale – After every Hindu Adhiveshan the resolution passed has been conveyed to Central Government and demand is made to declare India a Hindu Rashtra. In the beginning lot of questions were asked about the concept of Hindu Rashtra. But today many people are demanding the Hindu Rashtra. Hindus are confidently saying that Hindu Rashtra will be established. While those opposing this concept are saying it too.

3. After the press conference some journalists spoke informally with the speakers and got their doubts cleared.

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