O’ Seekers ! Remember, due to repeated negative thinking and speaking about it, impressions of negativity get imprinted on the mind; hence, seek appropriate guidance and take autosuggestions

Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal

Sometimes seekers suffer from physical or psychological ailments. While taking treatment for these or if seekers are not satisfied with the treatment as per their expectations, they keep thinking negatively about it. Very often they also share their anxiety with others.

Constantly thinking negatively and talking about it with others repeatedly, amounts to taking negative autosuggestions. As a result, the negative thoughts get deep-rooted and seekers feel mentally unstable, and this reduces their ability to function rationally.

1. In case seekers wish to share their ailments or problems with someone, they should do so with some doctor or psychiatrist, so that they can get appropriate guidance that will put them at ease.

2. Along with this, seekers should do perform spiritual remedies too; for example – writing down all the negative thoughts on paper and drawing a mandal (Subtle protective sheath) of chants around them.

3. Besides seeking guidance, seekers should also take autosuggestions so as to prepare themselves to accept any situation.

Sometimes, the doctor tells the patient that his ailment (such as knees aching, backache, etc.) may not get cured completely. At such a time, the seeker’s mind does not accept the situation. Keeping in mind that they have to accept it and to increase the stability of the mind, seekers should take the following autosuggestion.

‘Whenever I feel like speaking about my ailment repeatedly with family members /seekers / responsible seeker, I will become aware that this will increase my negativity and restlessness, so also I will be wasting the time and energy of others in listening to me. Hence, I will take appropriate guidance from related experts and act as per their guidance’.

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

What is an autosuggestion ?

An autosuggestion is a positive suggestion given to the subconscious mind with regards to an incorrect thought, emotion, action, reaction or both. By taking an autosuggestion, we give a tailor-made positive suggestion to our mind to counteract the negative impression so that the defect is eventually neutralised.

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