Will free all temples from encroachment and reinstall the Idols of the Deities : Pramila Pandey, Mayor of Kanpur

Illegal encroachment by Muslims on over 124 temples in Kanpur

Pramila Pandey, Mayor of Kanpur

Kanpur (UP) – Muslims have illegally encroached upon 124 temples in Kanpur. Many Biryani shops have opened in its place. Pramila Pandey, the Mayor of Kanpur has said that she will remove all these illegal buildings, reinstall the Idols of Hindu Deities and renovate all of these temples. On the 28th of May, she visited 7 such ancient temples in that area. The administration has sent notices to all those who have illegally encroached upon that land.

Mayor Pramila Pandey wrote on Facebook, ‘I visited 7 ancient temples in Bekanjang along with high ranking Police officials. The condition of these temples is extremely bad. The temple lands have been illegally occupied and shops have come in their place. Such temples will be freed from illegal encroachment and reopened as soon as possible.’

Along with the above information Mayor Pandey has also posted a video recording of the visit. She can be seen talking to a Muslim person in the video. She can be heard saying – ‘You have destroyed our temples. If we build a temple in front of your mosque will it be acceptable to you ?

Credits : Republic Bharat

Mayor Pandey also shared another video. In that, she can be heard saying, ‘Earlier there was a temple dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva and now this temple has been illegally occupied. The temples were locked which were then broken and removed. Soon, one by one I will free all temples from their grasp and reclaim them.

Editorial viewpoint

When Hindu temples were being encroached upon for so many years, were the local administration and Hindus sleeping ? This is shameful for Hindus !

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