An illegal demand by the Muslim students of Mangaluru University to wear hijab to the College

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – The lady students of the Mangaluru University College have requested that they be allowed to wear the hijab in the classroom. They are saying that ‘the hijab is part of their uniform.’ The Hindu students are opposing this.

1. The Karnataka High Court has earlier denied permission for the wearing of the hijab, saying that the hijab is not part of the Islamic tradition. From this incident, we can see that the Muslim students are not accepting the Court’s injunction. The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad staged a protest to oppose this outside the College. The organisation claims that 44 students were wearing the hijab in the classroom.  They are also saying that if the Muslim students do not follow the Court’s injunction, then they will wear saffron scarfs to college.

2. On the 26th of May, the University posted a notice saying that no one has been given permission to wear religious attire on the College Campus. The Muslim students too have accepted that they have not been given permission to wear the hijab in college. They say that they have discussed this matter with the Vice-Chancellor and the District officer.

Editorial viewpoint

Please note that when the Court has denied permission for wearing a hijab, making this demand is a contempt of the Court.

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