Protectors of ‘Deafening’ atrocities

Aggressive stance of Mr Raj Thackeray, Chief of Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS), against the loudspeakers installed on mosques has become a hot topic not only in Maharashtra, but the entire Nation. All these years, Hindus have bottled-up their sentiments against these ‘deafening’ atrocities. Mr Raj Thackeray has just kindled these sentiments. He gave ultimatum to the Government to stop the use of illegal loudspeakers on mosques, and as a result, the Government and the Police have spent sleepless nights. This is evident from the Police patrolling outside every mosque in every nook and corner of Maharashtra.

As usual, the Police have tried to supress this agitation. The Police have filed a complaint against Raj Thackeray in connection with the public meeting at Sambhajinagar, Maharashtra on 1.5.2022. Subsequently, the Police sent notice to about 3,000 activists of MNS. Additionally, 87 battalions of CRPF and over 30,000 Home guards were summoned to duty. Besides, the Police have also warned people not to take law in their hands; else, they would have to face the consequences.

Upon seeing the efforts Police are making, one can say that had these efforts been directed towards removing the illegal loudspeakers, this emergency-like situation would not have arisen. The Police are warning Hindus, but, the fanatics are also creating a law and order situation by ignoring the Supreme Court order to remove the loudspeakers from the mosques. Why are the Police mute about this ? Why are they afraid to take action on this issue ? Actually, the Supreme Court has prescribed guidelines on the use of loudspeakers way back in 2005.

The Bombay High Court has also given orders for action against the illegal loudspeakers and those who are not abiding by the sound level limits. The onus of implementing the Court order lies on State Government and the Police. Hence, the precise question is – Why have the Police not removed the illegal loudspeakers from the mosques despite the Court orders ? Normally, under these circumstances, the Police reason that taking such action could give rise to a law and order situation. It is their way of running away from the situation. As a result, haven’t the Police become the guardians of ‘Deafening atrocities’ on the society ? This is also generally the stance of the Police when the question of demolishing an illegal mosque or dargah arises.

However, the same Police, under the reason of maintaining law and order, employ thousands and lakhs of Policemen against Hindus. This effectively means that the Police are petrified of the aggression of fanatics, but try to demonstrate their ‘bravery’ in front of Hindus.

The entire Nation has seen the pitiable state of Police during the Azad Maidan riots. Hence, it is clear that Policemen are not ready to act against the fanatics; instead they invite them for Iftar parties. It is because of this weak stance of the Police that the issue of illegal loudspeakers has been in abeyance for years together.

The anti-Hindu loudspeakers should also be stopped

Opposition to the illegal loudspeakers on the mosques has been there for many decades. History is witness that other than Balasaheb Thackeray, no one has taken an unambiguous stance against such illegal loudspeakers. After Balasaheb, his nephew Mr Raj Thackeray has taken an aggressive stance against such loudspeakers. Actually, everyone should welcome his move. Raj Thackeray has warned that if the illegal loudspeakers on mosques are not stopped, Hanuman Chalisa will be recited in front of mosques.

As expected, there was opposition to this move. However, Mr Raj Thackeray has repeatedly said that the issue of loudspeakers should not be treated as a religious issue. And this is the truth; because, as per Islam, azaan should be vocalised by a live individual. If this is done with the help of loudspeakers, it is considered anti-Islamic. It is for this very reason that loudspeakers are not used for azaan in some Muslim countries.

The issues raised by Mr Raj Thackeray are serious in nature. He has said that, despite the waring given to remove loudspeakers, 135 mosques in Mumbai blared azaan before 5 a.m., effectively violating the Supreme Court orders and that too under Police protection.

What action is the Government going to take against these mosques ? Muslims should pray in a mosque or in their house. Why do they want loud-speakers for this ? Who do they want these prayers to be heard by and why ? Loudspeakers cause suffering to the sick, young children, etc. These categories should be given due consideration. Do the Muslims think that their religion supersedes humanity ?

Do the Police have answers to these questions raised by Mr Raj Thackeray ? Many mosques in Maharashtra have been constructed illegally; and yet, the Police have given legal permission to putting up of illegal loudspeakers on these illegal mosques. Hindus must know what action will the Government take against the erring people concerned.

Surprisingly, the rationalists and the atheists, who are vocal about noise pollution during Hindu festivals are mute about the noise pollution caused by the loudspeakers on mosques. Mr Raj Thackeray has declared that this agitation is not a one-day affair; it will continue. Hence, the Police will also have to tackle the issue on daily basis.

Removing all illegal loudspeakers everywhere is the only solution on this issue; however, the Police will never take action against these illegal loudspeakers. However, the action of the anti-Hindu Police will keep taking place regularly.

Truly these anti-Hindu loudspeakers should also be stopped !

 It is because of the weak stance of the Police that the issue of illegal loudspeakers has been in abeyance for years !

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