Man beaten up by a mob of religious fanatics for renouncing Islam

Kollam (Kerala) – A mob of religious fanatics attacked Aksar Ali, a 24-year-old man in Kerala’s Kollam for renouncing Islam. A complaint has been lodged with the Police in connection with the beating.

Askar Ali, a resident of Malappuram District in Kerala, completed a 12-year course in Islam at an Islamic institute in the District, but later he renounced Islam. Ali arrived in Kollam on 1st May for delivering a speech on his experience in religious education at an event organised by Essence Global. At that time, some people tried to abduct him to prevent him from attending the event. He was beaten up at the time. His mobile phone was smashed, and his clothes were torn. When the locals saw it, they called for help. Ali was later rescued by the Police.

Sexual exploitation in Islamic Institution ! – Ali

Ali then spoke in the programme in Police protection. He said, ‘I was sexually abused during my education. My family did not like my decision to renounce Islam. So I no longer live with them’.

Editorial viewpoint

Lakhs of Hindus have so far renounced their religion and converted to Christianity or other religions, but incident of such people getting beaten up by Hindus has never happened ! However, ex-Muslims are being beaten up for renouncing Islam. What do Secularists have to say about it ?


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