SC orders Maharashtra Govt to declare schedule for Municipal elections next week

New Delhi – Supreme Court (SC) has given the order to the Maharashtra Government to declare the State Municipal elections next week. SC has instructed to take the elections by retaining the old ward system. Elections of 18 Municipalities and 25 Jilha Parishads along with many Nagar Panchayats and Gram Panchayats are pending. After the confusion of the Ward System in the 18 Municipalities, the local body elections had been delayed due to OBC reservations.

In such a situation, the State Government enacted the law through the Bill to postpone the elections till OBC reservations were finalised and acquired the rights of the State Election Commission. This decision on the part of the State was challenged in the Supreme Court. It was heard on 25th April and final judgement in this regard has been given by the Supreme Court.

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