An incident of replacing the saffron flag with a green flag leads to violence in Jodhpur

Indefinite curfew imposed

Jodhpur (Rajashtan) – The incident of removal of the saffron flag and hoisting of a green flag in its place; and the installation of loudspeakers, on the night of 2nd May at Jalori Gate; caused tension and heavy stone pelting between both communities. In this incident, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chief of the Police Station, and personnel were injured.  There was largescale damage to property. Police lathicharged and then used tear gas to bring the situation under control. The District Administration ordered the closure of internet service in Jodhpur and also imposed a curfew in specific areas for an indefinite period. Three individuals have been arrested, till now, for this violence. After this incident, on the 3rd of May, again the religious fanatics began throwing stones. The Police had to resort to lathicharge to drive them away.

On 2ndof May at 11.30 p.m. at the Jalori Gate square, near the statue of Freedom Fighter Bal Mukund Bissa, a flag and Eid Banners were put up, and then slogans were shouted by a particular community.  There were flags of Bhagwan Shri Parshuram near the area where namaz is offered. There was an argument when the local Muslims removed Shri Parshuram’s flag to put up their flag. This argument resulted in stone-throwing.

Police Commissioner Navjyoti Gogoi has said that the recording of CCTV Cameras in the area and the mobile recording given by both the parties are being examined to find out who started the stone-pelting and to identify and arrest the people who threw the stones.

BJP MLA’s accusation – Hindus lathi-charged by the Police         

Late at night BJP’s women, MLA from Soorsagar Constituency, Suryakanta Vyas, and Mayor Vinita Seth reached the place. Both sat outside the Jalori Gate Police station in protest of the lathi charge on Hindus. Vyas asked, why lathicharge only against the Hindus ? when both the communities were involved in the stone-pelting. They demanded that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot enquire into this incident and take action against the culprits. A two-wheeler was burnt in front of MLA Vyas’s house during this riot.

Co-operate in preserving peace and law and order – Chief Minister

Editorial viewpoint

Peace is not created by appealing to the people; it is created through strength. The State is witnessing this kind of violence by religious fanatics for the past few days because the Congress Government has buckled under the religious fanatics. Is the Gehlot Government inactive ?

Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, after the violence, has appealed to the people to preserve peace. He has tweeted ‘I have instructed the administration to maintain peace and order at any cost. Respecting the tradition of love and brotherhood in Jodhpur, Marwar, I appeal to all sides to help in maintaining peace and law and order’.

Police avoid taking action against religious fanatics – Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said in a Press Conference that religious fanatics not only burnt and vandalised vehicles but also attacked the temple. They barged into shops owned by Hindus and vandalised them. They forced entry into Hindu houses and molested the women. They tore the clothes and stripped little girls. A Hindu was stabbed in the stomach. And the Police lathi-charged the Hindus who were opposing and fighting this attack. After perpetrating this violence when these religious fanatics were standing in the square, the Police did not take any action against them. The Police have still not registered any cases against these fanatics. If the Police will not take action, we will hold a massive protest.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Please note that a saffron flag is removed and a green flag is hoisted in a State under Congress rule.
  • Is Jodhpur part of India or Pakistan for such an incident to happen ?
  • The Centre should intervene to prevent the constant attacks on Hindus in Rajasthan.



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