Mahant Paramhansa Das arrested by Police while entering Taj Mahal for worshipping Shiva

Agra (UP) – Seer Mahant Paramhansa Das had declared of offering worship in the Taj Mahal. When Mahant Paramhansa Das along with his disciples was proceeding toward the Taj Mahal, the Police arrested him. He has been taken to an unknown place. Police refused to comment upon this case. Mahant had explained that the Taj Mahal is Deity Shiva’s Tejomahalay and He intended to perform ritualistic worship there.

On 26.4.2022 Mahant Paramhansa Das had gone to Agra. He alleged that he was forbidden to enter the Taj Mahal because of his saffron clothes and the Dharmadand. He had also alleged that the security guards had misbehaved with him on account of the complaint made by some people of a particular religion.

Editorial viewpoint

Taj Mahal premises belong to Hindus. There are many pieces of evidences to prove this. The Government should try to bring to light the reality about such premises to stop these incidents.


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