Proclamation of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’

Mr Ramesh Shinde

India’s reputation has improved worldwide in the past few years. From ordinary patriots to high-ranking officials, many have dreamt of making India a superpower; however, it is impossible for this dream to come true in a ‘secular’ India. India can become a superpower or a world leader only when India becomes a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Unlike Islamic or Christian countries, ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is not a narrow concept, but a system based on universal welfare, worldly and spiritual emancipation of every citizen.

1. Broad concept of Hinduism

In the Scripture Merutantra, the word ‘Hindu’ is defined as ‘Heenam Dushayati Iti Hindu :’ – meaning – the one who eliminates his own undesirable or inferior Raja-Tama aspects is a ‘Hindu’. A person with such a sattvik (Spiritually pure) attitude does not think narrowly about himself, he also thinks of universal welfare.

History contains many examples of this. Rugveda says – ‘Krunvanto Vishwam Aryam’ (Make the world noble). The concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ has been introduced in the Upanishads. Lowly people say, ‘This is mine, this is not mine’. People who have a benevolent character feel that the whole universe is like their own family. Sant Jnaneshwar says the same in Jnaneshwari; in the ‘Pasaydan’ prayer, He asks people to sacrifice for the welfare of the Universe. Since the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is based on this concept, if this concept is understood appropriately, the unwarranted objections about ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will be automatically resolved.

2. The need for a ‘Hindu Rashtra’

In fact, India is intrinsically a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. After the Partition of our beloved Motherland on the basis of religion in 1947, Pakistan was created for the followers of Islam. At the same time, the rest of Hindustan (India) should have been declared a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, but this did not happen. On the contrary, during the Emergency in 1976, the Congress Government amended the Constitution after imprisoning the opposition and inserted the word ‘secular’ in the Constitution. The word ‘secular’ has not yet been officially defined. So far, minorities are being appeased under the guise of this ‘secularism’, while Hindus are being oppressed. If India can be unjustly declared a ‘secular’ country by amending the Constitution, why can it not be declared a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ by amending the Constitution again ?

3. Increasing atrocities on Hindus

Despite the change of power at the Centre, the attacks on Hindus have not stopped till today. Many non-Muslim girls are falling prey to ‘Love Jihad’. Devout Hindu activists such as Kamlesh Tiwari, Chandan Gupta and Harsh are being killed. Hindu women and girls such as Lavanya in Tamil Nadu are losing their lives due to the pressure of religious conversions. The ‘tool kit’ of ‘Hijab’ and ‘Farmers’ agitation’ are being used to defame India and Hindutva. Modern Jihads such as ‘Spit Jihad’ and ‘Narcotic Jihad’ are being spread. Hindu Deities are being denigrated indecently under the name of ‘comedy’ shows. Kashmiri Hindus displaced by Jihadi terrorism have not been rehabilitated in Kashmir even after 32 years. Although the repealing of Article 370 has made it easier for Kashmiri Hindus to return to Kashmir, it is still not safe for them. ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is the only option to prevent the atrocities against Hindus in a Hindu-majority India.

4. Dangers facing the Nation

Today, Hindus have become a minority in 9 States of India. There is a demand for a separate Khalistan from Punjab and also Dravidistan in Tamil Nadu. In States like Kerala and Bengal, anti-Hindu and anti-national activities are rampant. Millions of Bangladeshis have infiltrated Assam. A conspiracy has been exposed to create a parallel Islamic economy through the practice of ‘Halal’. This situation has arisen today since Sanatan Dharma, the life and blood of India, has vanished from the Governance systems. For these reasons, it is necessary to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ on the lines of Hindavi Swarajya.

5. Not only physical development, but spiritual development too is necessary

Today, the country is taking steps towards development; but for society and nation-building to be ideal, physical development as well as spiritual development are necessary. Everyone has experienced the limitations of scientific progress during the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, if we want sustainable development, we have no choice but to take refuge in Spirituality and Sanatan Dharma. We have many examples of Dharma-based States, so we get a glimpse of what ‘Hindu Rashtra’ looked like. Even if there is material development, there should be an effort to emancipate the society, for which we are making efforts. It is necessary to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in India to mould ideal personalities, that is, for an ideal social structure, to attain spiritual development along with material development. With this perspective in mind, the ‘All India Hindu Rashtra Convention’ has been organised so that we can discuss, give direction and become active appropriately.

6. Outcome of the Convention

The ‘All India Hindu Rashtra Convention’, which has been taking place for the past 9 years, has played a significant role in conveying the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ to the masses, in mobilizing devout Hindus and patriotic organisations towards establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and to have expansive unity of devout Hindus for abiding by Dharma. The word ‘Hindu Rashtra’, which was forbidden till a few years ago, is being discussed openly everywhere today. In a way, this is the outcome of the ‘All India Hindu Rashtra Convention’. Today, India is moving towards celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Independence. The expectation is that by declaring India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, the journey will be towards making India a superpower, that is, the Guru of the Universe.

– Mr Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti)

The expectation is that by declaring India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, the journey will be towards making India a superpower !