To fight those who attack Hindus, it is vital to understand their Ecosystem : Mr Suresh Chavhanke, Sudarshan News

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – “Riots took place in Jahangirpuri in the capital of India, where the highest security is in place; this is shameful. It is now coming to light that these riots did not take place out of the blue but were pre-planned. However, such riots are not new – it is always observed that religious fanatics hurl stones at Hindus during various riots. So is the case around the world. It is necessary for Hindus to understand the ‘Ecosystem’ of the clique of advocates who defend such attackers, the so-called Human right activists, Islamic organisations and media who always defame Hindus. Only then can we fight this clique. Hindus need to have their own systems to defeat this clique. When many Hindu temples and Muths were demolished in many States of India, the Courts did not have the time to provide justice to Hindus. However, the Courts and the entire mechanism have the alacrity to grant stays on action being taken to remove encroachments the religious fanatics indulge in”, said Mr Suresh Chavhanke (Chief Editor of Sudarshan News) during a Special Online Discussion on ‘Increasing riots or planned jihadi attacks ?’ organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Advocate Udhvir Singh Chauhan of Delhi High Court said, “The riots that took place in Delhi recently signify a major failure of our system. Ahead of such riots or attacks, precaution should be taken by the Police and Government machinery. The Government is required to catch on their places and financial sources. The rioters are living in this country illegally”.

Mr Narendra Surve (Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) said, “Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims who have organised the attacks on Hindus should be thrown out of our country. The Central Government should ban organisations such as ‘Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind’, which has emerged to defend the rioters in Delhi. Such organisations are collecting money through ‘Halal Certificates’. Not only during the festivals of Hindus, but on the festivals of Christians too (such as Easter), religious fanatics have hurled stones at them in Spain and Sweden. Not only in India, but all over the world where the population of religious fanatics is increasing, such attacks are on the rise. Our ancestors stopped many foreign invaders and fought them. We will have to fight similar battles now”.

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