India is involved in Muslim massacre : Pakistan’s President Dr Arif Alvi’s false accusation

(Second left) US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Pak President Dr Arif Alvi

Islamabad (Pakistan) –   Pak President Alvi accused India of the genocide of Muslims and their human rights violations.

President Alvi said this in a meeting with American MP Ilhan Omar, who came on a tour of Pakistan. He also said atrocities are being carried out against minorities, especially Muslims, under the Modi Government.

Editorial comment

The pot calling the kettle black ! The Hindu and other minorities in Pakistan have been oppressed and killed since its inception. In the beginning, there were 9% Hindus in Pakistan and now they are only 1%, while in India at that time there were 3% Muslims, and now they are 15% of the population. Why does Dr Alvi not mention this fact ?

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