Hindus selling houses and fleeing due to the terror of religious fanatics in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat

The aftermath of the attacks on Hindus

Editorial comment

Hindus do not expect such incidents to happen when BJP is the ruling party in Gujarat. Government should immediately protect Hindus and assure them of a safe environment.

Sabarkantha (Gujarat) – The procession of Shriram Navami was attacked by religious fanatics at Muslim-majority Vanzara Vaas of Himmatnagar. In the violent attack, one Hindu had died and 80 houses of Hindus were attacked. It has been learnt that the minority Hindus started selling their houses and fleeing out of the city due to fear after the incident. Some Hindus have taken shelter in the temples.

1. A Hindu living in this area said, we are 60 to 70 families, but there are 2,000 Muslim families here. When they attack, we can’t defend ourselves or face them. Because of this, we are fleeing from here.

2. Another person, while accusing the Police, said that instead of providing security to Hindus, they were arresting Hindus ! (If this is true, then it is necessary to take immediate action against such Policemen and suspend them – Editor)

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