US to send another ₹5,700 crores worth of weapons to Ukraine !

Editorial comment

The United States had assured Ukraine of help if Russia invades but left Ukraine alone after the war broke out. Hence, no matter how much aid the US sends to Ukraine, it will still be superficial !

Washington DC (USA) – The United States will soon send another ₹5,700 crore ($750 million) worth of weapons to Ukraine to counter Russia. As a result, US aid to Ukraine so far has risen to over ₹18,270 crores ($2.4 billion) since Russia launched a military attack on Ukraine, Reuters reported.

The United States has already supplied a large number of Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger portable anti-air systems to Ukraine. These include 5,000 Javelins and 1,400 Stingers. According to a US Government source, Ukraine has received about a third of all US javelin missiles and a quarter of all Stinger missiles. It will take 4-5 years for the US to restock these missiles.