A young Muslim woman abducted and beaten up by her family for marrying a Hindu man

The young woman was abducted from the young man’s house

Editorial Comment

Why don’t the secularists who, to appease Muslims, condemn Hindus for opposing Muslim youths marrying Hindu women speak out now ?

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – A Muslim girl who had married a Hindu man was abducted. Six people of the girl’s family accused of abduction were arrested. The name of the Hindu youth is Lalit Khandvi. He had met this young woman Simran Multani 4 years ago. After the two fell in love, they fled to Delhi last year and got married at the Arya Samaj Temple.

When they returned to Ahmedabad 3 months ago, the girl’s family came to Lalit Khandvi’s house. They beat up Lalit Khandvi. Threatening Lalit with a knife, they forcibly took Simran away. Lalit Khandvi filed a complaint with the Police.