If elected, fines will be imposed on wearing a hijab in public

Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen vows

Editorial comments

  • France is a developed and science-oriented country, however, even their elections are centred around hijab controversies with the promise of imposing a fine on wearing hijab. This is a tight slap to so-called rationalists and science believers.
  • Would any Indian leader dare to promise something like this during elections in India ?
(Left side) Marine Le Pen

Paris (France) – Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has vowed to fine those wearing a hijab in public places if she is elected. The first phase of elections is to take place on 10th April.

( Credit : WION )

Currently, France has already banned the hijab and any religious symbols in public places, including schools. Pen further said that if this decision is challenged in the Court then a nationwide poll would be conducted.

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