Being a Muslim is a crime under Modi Govt in India

A false allegation by Ilhan Omar, a US Congresswoman !

Editorial comments

  • Please note that Muslims are not oppressed in any way in India, but such accusations are made to defame India at the international level !
  • Ilhan Omar doesn’t say anything about the oppression of Hindus during the Congress regime of many decades and which is happening even today in the States like Bengal, Kerala, etc. !

Washington (USA) – Being a Muslim is a crime in India, says Ilhan Omar, a US Congresswoman, making a false accusation against the Modi Government in India. She has questioned President Joe Biden on his Government’s support for India. Omar has made such an allegation in her tweet. She said that why the Biden Government was so reluctant to criticise the Modi Government on human rights issues.

Omar asked Wendy Sherman, Biden’s Dy Secretary of State about the American Government’s support for the Modi Government. Sherman said she agrees that the administration must stand up for every religion, every ethnicity, every race, every quality of diversity in this world.’