Local Hindus decide to fight against construction of a mosque in the Hindu-majority area

  • Hunger strike staged by ‘Akhil Sanpada Sanskrutik Pratishthan and Akhil Sanpada Rahivasi Mahasangh’
  • CIDCO condemned for allotting a plot for a mosque in a Hindu-majority area !
Devout Hindus participating in a hunger strike against mosque construction

Sanpada (Navi Mumbai) – In the Sanpada area, where the majority population is Hindus, the local Hindu residents have decided not to allow the construction of a mosque in their area. On the 7th of April 2022, Hindus staged a one-day hunger strike to condemn CIDCO for allotting a plot for building a mosque, although the majority population in the area is Hindu. The hunger strike was staged by ‘Akhil Sanpada Sanskrutik Pratishthan and Akhil Sanpada Rahivasi Mahasangh (Mahasangh)’. Office bearers of all political parties except Congress and AAP went to the venue of the strike and showed their support. A ‘bandh’ was observed spontaneously in Sanpada. Hundreds of Hindus had joined the hunger strike despite severe heat. The participation of women was noteworthy.

CIDCO didn’t submit information to the Court ! – Ajay Mudap, RSS

Javed Khan, the then President of CIDCO has allotted the plot for a mosque. Earlier, after the strong opposition by the local Hindus, it was given in writing that the mosque would be built at some other place, but this information was not submitted to the Court.

Hindus must unite and force the concerned authorities to shift the construction of the mosque to another site ! – Balasaheb Mahal, Office bearer of Mahasangh

We Hindus try to think about the progress of our Hindu Nation, but non-Hindus think about how to increase their population. Madarasas are teaching jihad. Such madrasas should be inspected and closed down. Hindus should unite and force the concerned authorities to construct the mosque at another place.

Hindus will not sit quietly if the Police take action against Hindus ! – Satish Nikam, BJP

The Court has granted permission for the mosque; so the Police claim that staging a hunger strike would amount to contempt of the Court. Mahasangh’s member Santosh Pachalag asked the Police why did they not remove the loudspeakers on mosques despite Court’s orders ? Is it not contempt of Court ?  Hindus will not sit quietly if the Police took action against Hindus.

If the Government didn’t take note of the hunger strike, there would be strong agitations ! – Kailas Tajane, President Mahasangh

CIDCO’s Managing Director Sanjay Mukherjee and New Mumbai’s Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar inspected the plot and heard the agitators. They accepted the memorandum demanding cancellation of allotment of the plot for a mosque and assured to convey their demand to the Government. There will be intense agitations if the Government didn’t take cognizance of the hunger strike.

It will be the last hunger strike. Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde will find a positive solution to this problem : Shiv Sena District chief Vitthal More

Highlights – Hindus raised slogans acclaiming Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj; We all are Shiva Kashid and we will not allow construction of a mosque in Sanpada, Terrorist-free Sanpada, keep away mosque, etc.

In an area with 60,000 Hindus and 200 Muslims, allotting a plot for a mosque is inappropriate ! – Milind Suryarao, Area-chief, Shiv Sena

We are not against any religion, but we have gathered here to oppose the religion where there are extremities. It is inappropriate to allot a plot for a mosque in an area where there are 60,000 Hindus and 200 Muslims. There are 7 mosques within 5 km from here. Also, this religious organisation has already been allotted a plot, then how can another plot be allotted to it ?

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