Fit devices to measure the decibel level of the loudspeakers on the minarets of mosques

Karnataka Police issues notices to mosques

Editorial comments

  • Unfortunately, the implementation of the order of the Karnataka High Court in 2001 is being done now ! If it had been done promptly, then the public would not have been troubled by the mosques’ loudspeakers.
  • The Government should suspend and give life imprisonment to the Police who did not implement the Courts order till now.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The Hindu Organisations of Karnataka are demanding that the loudspeakers on the mosques be removed. Against this background, the Karnataka Police have issued notices to the mosques. They have been asked to keep the decibel level of the loudspeaker at the prescribed level. To do this they have been asked to fit devices to measure the decibel level.

More than 250 mosques in Bengaluru City have been issued notices. On receipt of the notices, they have begun to fit decibel measuring devices. This will enable the Police to know the exact decibel level of the loudspeakers.  In addition, 83 temples, 22 churches and 59 pubs have also been given such notices.

The State DGP, Pravin Sood, has instructed all the Police Commissioners, and Police Superintendents of Karnataka to investigate the violations of this rule in all religious institutions, pubs, nightclubs and other places.


We have not given any new directive – Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai 

All are equal to the Government. The Karnataka Government is following the directive of the Karnataka High Court, of regulating the sound levels of the loudspeakers on the mosques, this cannot be enforced through force. For implementing this there will have to be a discussion from the Police station level to the District level. Actually, this directive is from 2001-2002. We have not issued any new directive. The Courts have asked to control the decibel levels. Hence, at the District levels, orders have been given for the purchase of sound measuring devices. They frankly said that no one in Karnataka will be allowed to break the peace and goodwill of the State.

Temples too should implement the directive of the notice  – Imam Muhamad Imran Rashidi

Editorial comment

No one has to date complained about the loudspeakers on the temples as the Hindus have been obeying the law, but the people are troubled by the loudspeakers on the mosques. By making such statements, please note that the religious fanatics are trying to show that the Hindus too are culpable.

Imam Muhamad Imran Rashidi of Bengaluru’s Jamia Masjid said that they have received a notice from the Police Department and “We will follow all the orders which have been given as per the directions of the High Court related to the decibels of the loudspeaker. We will follow the directives.  Temples have also received the notice in this regard. If we all follow the rules then there will be no problem,” he added.

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