Urgently address the issue of illegal immigration of Rohingya and Bangladeshi intruders in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir high court summons Chief Secretary of State

Editorial comment

Why Court has to pass such orders, the Government should have done it on its own ? Illegal immigration has been a long-standing issue, why hasn’t the Government acted upon it to deport the intruders over all these years ?

Jammu – While addressing public litigation, the Court of Jammu and Kashmir demanded the State Chief Secretary, to produce within 6 weeks a list of illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrants living in Jammu and Kashmir. Court urged the Government to form a robust mechanism to keep this issue in check.

In his PIL, Gupta has demanded the deportation of illegal immigrants and the withdrawal of all benefits given to them from the state exchequer and the scheme and benefits meant for the residents of J&K.  Adv. Gupta mentioned that Government has not provided any shelter homes, nor did the UN Council advise State Governments to grant such a provision. Illegal immigrants are being benefited from the privileges exclusively meant for the citizens of the State. As per Government records, the count of illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrants in the State is 13,400, the actual number is expected to be much higher.