Farmer woman shows an exemplary presence of mind; a big train accident averted !

Tore her red saree and gave a warning to the train driver after noticing a broken rail track !

Editorial comment

Nowadays, there is a dearth of people who care about society. Congratulations to this brave lady ! It is also necessary to find out how negligence like broken rail took place and take action against the concerned railway employees and officials !

The farmer lady

Lucknow (UP) – A major accident of a train travelling from Etah to Agra was averted recently. The railway track was broken at a place near Nagla Gulariya village in Avagadh taluka in Etah District. A farmer lady named Somvati from that village noticed this while walking towards the field. Wearing a red saree, Somvati saw a train approaching and tore her saree, and tied it in the middle of the rail tracks. She also signalled danger to the driver by gestures. The driver understood it and stopped the train just in time. The train carrying 150 passengers from Etah railway station to Agra, had departed at 7.30 a.m.