Bomb hurled at BJP MP’s car in Bengal while he was returning after watching ‘The Kashmir Files’

Luckily the MP escaped harm as the bomb landed behind his car

Editorial comments

  • As the law-and-order in Bengal is pitiable, and seeing such occurrences; one should not be surprised if the religious fanatics make Bengal another Kashmir. To prevent this, it is essential to impose President’s Rule in Bengal.
  • Realise that it is the religious fanatics who are getting angry not the Hindus because scenes depicting the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus are being shown in ‘The Kashmir Files’
(From left) BJP MP, Jagannath Sarkar

Nadia (Bengal) –Jagannath Sarkar, BJP MP has alleged that a bomb was thrown at his car when he was returning home after watching the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’. We were saved as the bomb landed behind the speeding car.

MP Jagannath Sarkar said that the law-and-order situation in Mamata Banerjee’s Government is extremely bad. President’s Rule should be imposed here. Else these incidents will not stop.

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