More than 20 Hindus injured in the attack by the religious fanatics mob at Begusarai on Holi !

Bajrang Dal alleged Police being inactive at the time of attack ! 

Editorial comments

  • Hindus don’t  want such incidents to take place in Bihar when BJP is in the coalition Government ! 
  • Are the other communities attacked on the occasions of Eid, Christmas, etc ? Then, why are Hindus attacked on their festivals by religious fanatics ? Do secularists and the progressives have an answer to this ? 

Begusarai (Bihar) – A religious fanatic mob attacked Hindus with swords, knives, etc. in the Rajaura city of Begusarai on Holi. In this, more than 20 Hindus were injured. The condition of some of these Hindus is very critical. This incident took place because of some silly fights between small children. According to the report of Bajrang Dal, more than 300 religious fanatics attacked the Hindus near the Saraswati Temple. They have alleged that Rajoura is a sensitive place, despite the incident, the Police remained a mute spectator.

Why aren’t Hindus safe at Rajaura ? – Union Minister Giriraj Singh 

Union Minister Giriraj Singh went to the hospital to meet the victims. There, seeing the situation, he questioned CM Nitish and the District administration. He asked where would the Hindus go if they were not safe in Rajoura ? He said that after watching The Kashmir Files, he could not sleep through the night, thinking about where would a Hindu go ! Hindus were killed, converted in Pakistan. Temple are demolished in Bangladesh. In Begusarai, Hindus were attacked with weapons and swords in unison in the dispute of children. He said that if the administration does not take the matter seriously, then he will be forced to take strong action.

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