Niyaz Kahan’s rant : The filmmaker should also make a film on the massacre of Muslims

Madhya Pradesh IAS officer Niyaz Khan makes a fuss

Editorial comment

  • This is an example of how religious fanatics and jihadists get upset when their fellow followers’ atrocities are exposed to the world, no matter how highly qualified they may be ! What justice would such an administrative officer give to the victimised Hindus ?
  • When alleged injustice is done to Muslims; communists, secularists and intellectuals pounce upon Hindus. However, Khan should be aware that the evil deeds committed by religious fanatics are covered up !

Bhopal (MP) – While the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is based on the Kashmiri Hindu genocide is getting an overwhelming response all over the country, it is also being opposed by religious fanatics and anti-Hindus. Madhya Pradesh’s IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer Niyaz Khan said without citing Vivek Agnihotri that the filmmaker should also make a film on the massacre of Muslims. They are humans, not insects. (Even the victimised Hindus in India are shouting at the top of their lungs after independence that ‘we too are human beings & not insects’ but realise that they have been consistently ignored – Editor.) 

  1. Niaz Khan said on social media, ‘I am thinking of writing a book to highlight the massacre of Muslims on different occasions so that a film like The Kashmir Files can be made by some producer and the pain of minorities can be brought before Indians.’

2. Niaz Khan is an officer in the Indian Administrative Service of the Madhya Pradesh cadre. He is currently working as a Deputy Secretary in the Public Works Department. Niyaz Khan has written 6 books so far. Niyaz Khan is currently researching to erase the violent image of his religion. He said, ‘Islam is still being tarnished by the image of some organisations’, he said.

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