Editors of Communist ideology tamper with the Wikipedia page of ‘The Kashmir Files’ !

  • Attempt to spread negativity about the film in society !
  • Allegations have already been made that Wikipedia is not a neutral website !
Editorial comments

  • The Government of India should make every effort to make Wikipedia, which is based on lies and has its own ideology, fall in line !
  • This is an example of the extent to which the anti-Hindu communists’ arrogance has gone ! As Hindus are not doing anything to protect their Dharma and the nation, Hindus are in a pathetic state on all levels !
  • When will Hindus realise that if they do not learn anything from ‘The Kashmir Files’, then their downfall is certain ?
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New Delhi – As the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, which portrays the atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus, is receiving overwhelming support from various sections of the society; it is also being opposed by anti-Hindu groups of secularist and communist ideology.

An informational page about the film has also been published on Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia website that provides information on everything in the world. It has been revealed that some of the editors who are of communist ideology are tampering with the page created by editors who have presented factual information about the film by adding credible references to it.

1. TrangaBellam, a Wikipedia editor of the communist ideology, removed a lot of factual information from The Kashmir Files and added negative reactions to the film. While adding negative parts, the editor added references to websites that are blacklisted by Wikipedia.

2. TrangaBellam erased all the information that cited positive reviews of the film on the India Today website and added the content written against the film, citing the Film Companion, a website that is banned by Wikipedia.

3. Editors who added factual information protested the tampering. TrangaBellam gave vague answers in response.

4. The same anti-Hindu editor had also tampered with the page on Wikipedia that gave information about the devout Hindu writer Mr Vikram Sampath.

How does Wikipedia operate ?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia run by volunteers from around the world. It has lakhs of pages of information on almost every subject, eminent person, country, etc. Volunteers are needed to create an online account to write information on the subject. These volunteer editors are required to add references to official websites when adding information on certain topics, otherwise, the information on that topic is not considered. Editors, who basically volunteer from various backgrounds, can change this information at any time, but the website also has a system that monitors whether this information is accurate or not. However, due to the fact that this website is full of Communist-minded volunteers and the system also being anti-Hindu, the information that puts Hindus in a bad light can be seen on this website many times.

A few months ago, Larry Sanger, the website’s co-founder, left the site, alleging that the site had fallen into the hands of communist and liberal ideologues.