As the suppressed truth is exposed, advocators of freedom of expression are disturbed : PM Modi

PM Modi’s sarcastic remarks on Hindu haters about the movie The Kashmir Files

New Delhi – More movies like ‘The Kashmir Files’ should be made, as the truth is revealed to the public through such movies. The truth that was suppressed for the last several decades is being exposed. Therefore, those who were suppressing the truth are protesting today. Sarcastically attacking the Hindu haters, PM Modi said that the advocators of ‘freedom of expression’ have been confused for the last 5-6 days. He was addressing a parliamentary meeting of the BJP. PM Modi remarked that controversy is created over the screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ at some places in the country.

PM Modi further said,

  1. Instead of discussing the facts and truths of the movie, it is being campaigned to stop its screening.
  2. The producers have tried to reveal the truth which they could see.
  3. My intention is not to advocate for a specific film, all I want to say is that it is critical to present the facts in their entirety to the world. There can be varied aspects to it. Some will see one aspect, while someone else might see it from a different perspective. The people who feel that this movie is not up to the mark, are free to make another movie. Who has stopped them ? If someone is making efforts to bring truth in front of everyone, it is people’s responsibility to stand behind the truth. Everyone must fulfil their obligation.

Modi said that even after a major incident like an emergency in the country, no one made a movie based on its facts. There was a constant effort to suppress the truth.

Why was a movie based on the truth of Partition not made ?

Regarding the partition of India, Modi said that even when we declared 14th August as the ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’, to remind us about the massacre at the time of Partition, many opposed it. Why has no one made a movie showing the reality of the partition of India ? Sometimes there is a lesson to be learned from such reality. How can the country forget such things ?