Ukrainians fighting with each other for food and water in Mariupol

  • People are embracing each other to keep their bodies warm !
  • Hunt for cancer and diabetic medication
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Are people in India prepared to face such a situation in the event of a future emergency ?

Mariupol (Ukraine) – It has been 16 days since the war between Russia and Ukraine has started. Russian forces have taken control of several Ukrainian cities. Some cities are under siege. The Russian military has started targeting civilians. At least three people, including a 6-year-old girl, have been killed in an attack on a hospital in Mariupol. Due to the siege of this city, the citizens are forced to spend their days without food, water, and electricity. The region is freezing cold, making it difficult for Ukrainians to spend days without food and water. This has led to citizens fighting with each other for food and water.

  1. The Red Cross organisation is attempting to send relief aid to Mariupol. Officials of the organisation said the situation in Mariupol was extremely dire and that citizens were attacking each other for food and water. Due to lack of water, people have started melting ice and drinking water. Children are not fed due to scarcity of food. At least 1,200 bodies have been found on the streets of Mariupol. All of them have died in the Russian invasion.
  2. Sasha Volkov, head of the Red Cross in Mariupol, said, ‘The black market for groceries has started operating in this city. Other foods are nowhere to be found. A stockpile of medicines was looted in Mariupol five days ago. People are taking shelter in underground places and are spending their days embracing each other to keep their bodies warm in -9°C temperature’.
  3. Sasha Volkov said, ‘People are scrambling to find medicines for diabetes and cancer, but they aren’t getting it anywhere. The dead bodies are being wrapped in carpets or plastic bags and dumped in an 80-feet-long pit’.

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