Sushri Ratnamala Dalvi becomes Sanatan Sanstha’s 118th Saint

Sushri (Ms) Ratnamala Dalvi

Devad (Panvel, Maharashtra) – Sushri (Ms) Ratnamala Dalvi (Age 45), originally from Tivre (Taluka Rajapur, District Ratnagiri) and presently residing in Sanatan’s Devad Ashram at Panvel, became Sanatan Sanstha’s 118th Samashti Saint on 6th March 2022.

H.H. Sushri (Ms) Ratnamala Dalvi has virtues such as loyalty to the Guru (God) Principle, obedience, steadiness, humility, introversion, complete surrender while performing satseva (Spiritual service). She performs each satseva conscientiously.

H.H. (Mrs) Ashwini Pawar felicitating H.H. Sushri (Ms) Ratnamala Dalvi

H.H. (Mrs) Ashwini Pawar, Sanatan’s 69th Saint, gave this joyous news to seekers in a celebration enriched with bhav (Spiritual emotion) in Sanatan’s Devad Ashram.

Happiness of seekers who were waiting for long in earnestness to hear this joyous news, knew no bounds and they all expressed their gratitude unto Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale.

H.H. (Mrs) Ashwini Pawar felicitated Her. Sadguru, Saints and seekers were present on this blissful occasion. H.H. Sushri (Ms) Ratmala Dalvi’s relatives joined this celebration ‘Online’.