Devout Hindus foiled the attempts of Christian fanatics to bury a corpse in temple-owned land in Tamil Nadu

Editorial comment

Due to the anti-Hindu DMK Government being in power, the activities of fanatic Christians have increased in Tamil Nadu. Effective unity of Hindus is essential to stop the attacks on Hindu Dharma there.

Chennai – Devout Hindu activists foiled an attempt by Christian fanatics to bury the corpse of a Christian on land owned by a Temple in Sankarankovil in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli District. When Hindu organisations opposed them, the pastor and other Christians laid the body on the Sankarankovil-Tirunelveli highway protesting the incident. The Christian fanatics also damaged a water pipeline. A video of this incident has become viral on social media.

After the incident, the Police reached the spot as a result of tension building up on this campus. At that time, the clergy and other Christians asked the Police where should the body be buried since there is no cemetery for Christians ? (As Christians don’t have a place to bury their dead, who gave them the right to bury their dead in temple-owned land ? Why couldn’t they do so in church-owned land ?)

The Police calmly tried to explain to them that they cannot allow the dead body to be buried on the concerned land. There are no official documents allowing a burial on the temple-owned land.

However, the fanatic Christians were not in a position to understand. The Police Inspector then asked the pastor to leave and called for the family of the deceased.

The Christian fanatics were displeased and they told the Police, you are misusing your authority. To which the Police Inspector said, as a law enforcing authority he has the power to stop it and that he will stop anything that is against the law. When asked by the Police, where were the dead Christians buried earlier ? Then the staunch Christians calmed down.

Hindu Munnani office-bearer said, the church there is unofficial. It has been learned that pastor Thanga Pandi is converting Hindus there. He has illegally occupied Government land and claims to belong to the Pentecostal Church.  A board claiming the same was also put up.

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