Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale’s mission and its characteristics that reveal His Incarnate nature

Seekers of Sanatan can easily understand developments in the ‘subtle world’, some can even obtain ‘Divine knowledge’ !

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale’s mission associated with the ‘subtle world’

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale in a meditative state

The mission being performed by Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale is Incarnate in nature. This Incarnate mission has many distinctive facets, and words will not suffice in elucidating them.

Sanatan has a treasure of notes related to His mission and its distinctiveness that can be compiled into over 200 Texts.

Taking into account the ensuing adverse times, which will see a World War too, articles will be published in the Sanatan Prabhat Periodicals to introduce His Incarnate mission to society at the earliest possible. Holy texts from these articles will be published as well. – Editor

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale is the only One to introduce the mysterious and little-known ‘subtle world’ in a lucid language to mankind

Spirituality (as it pertains to the soul) transcends the gross (physical) dimension, and hence, it cannot be understood merely through the physical senses – smell, taste, sight, touch and sound. Therefore, we can truly understand the Science of Spirituality through the subtle dimension. An ordinary individual cannot perceive subtle knowledge; hence, there is far less awareness of the ‘subtle world’ in general. This novel series aims to bridge this gap.

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale is the only One to provide a novel perspective to seekers so that they can comprehend the ‘subtle world’

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale conducted many subtle experiments and developed a technique to effectively understand and comprehend the developments taking place in the ‘subtle world’. He taught this to seekers. Thus, many seekers of Sanatan can easily understand developments taking place in the ‘subtle world’, and some can even obtain ‘Divine knowledge’.

In this series, we will learn about Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale’s teachings and how He developed seekers to comprehend the subtle dimension. This series will also shed some light on the exceptional research undertaken by Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale. – Compilers

1. Thoughts of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale highlight the importance of understanding the ‘subtle world’

1A. Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale’s curiosity led to a novel introduction of the ‘subtle world’ to mankind : The word ‘subtle’ refers to something that transcends the physical sense organs, mind and intellect. Thus, ‘subtle knowledge’ refers to the knowledge obtained without using the five sense organs, mind and intellect. Spirituality deals with the subtle dimension to a great extent. I developed keen interest in deciphering this little-known ‘subtle world’ because of my inherent curious nature. Hence, I conducted various subtle experiments which helped me comprehend the nuances of the ‘subtle world’. These experiments helped provide over 12,500 unique observations and pictures that explain the observations about the subtle dimension. These observations help us understand the positive impact of sattvik (Spiritually pure) clothes, sattvik diet, sattvik ornaments and religious activities on human life. (24.11.2018)

1B. Spiritual practice taught in India that can solve any complex problem within a fraction of a second is far superior to the cumbersome and time-intensive western research techniques : The western research techniques have three steps – collection of data, statistical analysis and inferences. This process takes months and years to complete. In contrast, when we evolve spiritually, we get solutions (from the subtle dimension) to any complex problem almost instantaneously. (19.6.2016)

1C. The spiritual strength of Sages to comprehend the subtle dimension : We can hear the distinct sound of Akashtattva (Absolute Ether Principle) when we bring any hollow object such as a bottle, bowl, etc. close to the ear.

While an ordinary individual cannot hear the sound of Akashtattva in the spaciousness of a living room, the great Sages could sense the subtle sound emanating from the void in the Universe as well. This will help us gauge the spiritual strength of the Sages. (2.6.2013)

1D. If we cannot understand the subtle aspects of the physical dimension, how can we understand the subtle aspects of the subtle dimension; then, how will we understand God, who is the subtlemost ? (3.5.2019)

1E. The publicity given to work (accomplished at the physical level in the world) does not last long. However, despite any major exposure, the subtle work lasts for thousands of years. (3.5.2019)

1F. Performing spiritual practice regularly is essential to comprehend the developments taking place at the subtle level : It is essential to perform spiritual practice regularly to experience the impact of various aspects of Ragas (Melodic framework of keynotes in Indian classical music) at the subtle level. This research is taking place at the subtle level; hence, one needs to be spiritually evolved to comprehend the subtle dimension.

Around 80% of the population suffers from spiritual distress caused by either negative energies or by unsatisfied departed ancestors. These negative energies create obstacles in accurately comprehending the developments taking place at the subtle level (in the subtle world). Thus, it is critical to strive for spiritual progress and make efforts to reduce the distress caused by negative energies so as to experience the subtle dimension.

In the initial phase, we should chant the Name of our Kuladevata (Family Deity) as much as is possible. For example, if our Kula-devata is Shri Renukadevi, we should chant ‘Shri Renukadevyai Namaha’. If the Kuladevata is not known, chant ‘Shri Kuladevatayai Namaha’. In addition, we should chant ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ for at least 45 minutes daily so as to protect ourselves from the distress caused by our departed ancestors. Thus, we gradually begin our journey to understand the ‘subtle world’ on account of our spiritual practice regularly.’ (4.12.2018)

1G. Performing spiritual practice is necessary to understand the ‘subtle world’ : Science cannot answer many questions such as – Will a particular Vibhuti (Holy ash) be effective on a particular individual for a particular disease; if it contains any Deity Principle, for how long will it remain effective against negative energies. In contrast, these answers can be easily obtained once we evolve spiritually by performing spiritual practice regularly. This proves that developing a spiritual (subtle) sense is the best technique to understand and comprehend the little-known ‘subtle world’. (3.2.2019)

1H. What our mind experiences is more important than what is evident to our eyes : A glass that separates two windows to the east in my room in Ramnathi Ashram is not visible. The observation that the glass cannot be seen is at the physical level is not so important in this regard (meaning, understanding the ‘subtle world’).

In this case, it is more important to observe if bhav (Spiritual emotion) got awakened while looking at this glass.

While appreciating the physical beauty of trees and plants in Ramnathi Ashram, the feeling that they look beautiful is not as important as the subtle observation that we experience Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) & Anand (Bliss) upon looking at them. (5.7.2014)

1I. We see when eyes are open. Similarly, when we perform spiritual practice regularly, we gradually develop the ability to see developments taking place in the ‘subtle world’. Due to lack of spiritual practice, rationalists remain blind to the ‘subtle world’. (16.12.2018)  – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale

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