Motivated comment on internal issues not welcome : India strongly responds to comments by foreign countries on Karnataka Hijab row

Editorial Comment

  • Many countries, irrespective of their religion, political inclination and affiliation, repeatedly hand out
  • unsolicited advice on or interfere in India’s internal affairs, especially when it comes to the religious fanatics.
  • India must create such a strong image that no dares to talk anything against India. This will become possible only once the ‘Hindu Nation’ is established !

New Delhi – The audacious attempts of countries like Pakistan and USA to intervene in the ongoing Hijab issue in Karnataka prompted the MEA to respond strongly. USA had decided to meddle into India’s internal affairs by putting misleading information regarding the ongoing Hijab controversy in India. Before this, Pakistan had attempted to milk the Hijab controversy to peddle false propaganda to try and push its agenda on Indian soil.

In response to media queries on India’s reaction, the official Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Arindam Bagchi, took to his official Twitter account to share MEA’s strong reaction in response to the comments by some countries on dress code in some educational institutions in Karnataka. The statement read : “A matter regarding dress code in some educational institutions in the State of Karnataka is under judicial examination by the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka. Our Constitutional framework and mechanisms, as well as our democratic ethos and polity, are the context in which issues are considered and resolved. Those who know India well would have a proper appreciation of these realities. Motivated comments on our internal issues are not welcome”.

Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, Minister for Higher Education for Karnataka Government also called out the intervention of foreign countries in internal matters of India.

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