BHU professor insults Shriram and Sita Mata

Varanasi (UP) – A professor in the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) superimposed his own picture on a painting of Lord Ram and His wife’s face on the picture of Goddess Sita. The painting was displayed in an exhibition organised in the Faculty of Visual Arts at BHU.

The faculty in question has been identified as Amresh Kumar, an assistant professor of Visual Arts at BHU. BHU students expressed anger over the incident and demanded action against Amresh Kumar for hurting religious sentiments.

While the University administration is yet to issue any statement on this, the assistant professor defended himself saying that this is not a big deal, because Lord Ram belongs to everyone. The professor has justified his act saying he and his family are great devotees of Lord Ram. (Followers of other religions are alert to any denigration or insult to their seats of faith, that they can go to any extent to punish the perpetrators. We do not see even a meek protest legally from Hindus to prevent their seats of faith from denigrated or insulted. This situation will not change till Hindus are given education on Dharma. – Editor)

The angry students have asked the BHU administration to take action against Kumar at the earliest, otherwise, they would start a protest.