Anti-Hindu Delhi Riots Conspiracy Exposed

‘Blood has to be shed, ready to ignite fire’ : Says a WhatsApp chat of anti-National Umar Khalid

New Delhi – A Delhi Court on 2nd February continued hearing Umar Khalid’s bail plea in connection with Delhi Riots larger conspiracy case involving charges under IPC and UAPA. Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad, appearing on behalf of Delhi Police presented more evidence before Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat, to oppose the bail plea of anti-Hindu Delhi Riots accused Umar Khalid.

The Prosecutor presented excerpts of a meeting held in Chand Bagh on 15th and 16th January 2020. He said that as accounted by one of the witnesses, “Dande, Patthar, Lall Mirch, Tezaab ikkathey kiye gaye”. The Prosecutor wondered what was the purpose to collect such things in a protest that the accused like Umar Khalid had termed ‘peaceful’. He stated that the witness had revealed that conspirators gathered men and women who were handed over lathis, stones, gravel, etc.

SSP Amit Prasad read out a statement of a witness who had confirmed that Umar Khalid during a meeting had said, “Sarkar musalmano ke khilaaf hai, bhashan se kaam nahi chalega, khoon bahana padega”.

Amit Prasad informed the Court that various WhatsApp groups, including the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) and the Delhi Protest Support Group (DPSG), were formed to coordinate information regarding protest places. Prasad shared screenshots of the messages in the Delhi Protest Support Group (DPSG), exchanged on 16th and 17th February by one Owais Sultan Khan. “There is no mincing of words. ‘Your proposal to incite violence’ and local people have evidences. And these local people have now come up to support a case of Prosecution”, said Prasad.

“Aag lagwane ki poori tayyari hai”, read one message shared on the Whatsapp group which Umar Khalid, Khalid Saifi and others part of DPSG were a part of.

It may be recalled that the Special Cell of the Delhi Police had in July 2020 unearthed a connection between hate preacher Zakir Naik and Khalid Saifi, a facilitator in the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. As per the status report filed, Saifi, a close associate of Islamists such as Tahir Hussain and Umar Khalid, had met Naik in Malaysia to raise funds for the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. In fact, the chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police in connection with the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi in January 2020 mentioned the confession made by former AAP Councilor Tahir Hussain. The confessions had revealed the sinister agenda behind the conspiracy hatched by the Islamist along with his comrades Khalid Saifi and JNU ‘scholar’ Umar Khalid.

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