Hindu temples vandalised and burgled by protesters in Canada

Protest against Covid-19 preventive vaccine in Canada

Editorial Comments

  • This is the Hindu-hatred of the Christians in Canada. Even though there is no relation between the protest and Hindu temples, looting and vandalising Hindu temples show their anti-Hindu mentality.
  • Would those who term Hindus as intolerant and Talibani show a single incident where Hindu protesters have looted or vandalised Churches and Mosques ?

Ottawa (Canada) – For the past few days, there is a protest going on against the Covid-19 vaccine mandate in Canada. There have been incidents of temples being vandalised and theft of money from the donation box, jewellery, and Idols from the Hindu temples. Due to the protest, there is an atmosphere of fear among the temple Priests and the Hindus in Toronto. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has been moved to an anonymous place due to the protest.

Protesters first attacked and vandalised and burgled the Hanuman Temple in Brampton, Greater Toronto, on 15th January. After this, on 25th January Maa Chintpurni Temple was attacked. Later Shri Gauri Shankar temple, Shri Jagannath Temple and Hindu Heritage Center at Mississauga and Hamilton Samaj temple were also vandalised.

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