What is the harm if Hindi is taught as a third language in Tamil Nadu ? : Madras HC

Editorial comment

It has been observed that in southern India the Hindi language is frequently disregarded, hence, the Central Government should try to give priority to Sanskrut all over India, which will end all the language-related issues !

Chennai – While addressing public interest litigation, Madras High Court said Tamil and English are already taught in the State. Why can’t Hindi be taught as a third language in Tamil Nadu, what harm will it do ? If one does not know Hindi, then he will face a lot of difficulties getting a job in northern India. Madras High Court has given 8 weeks to the associated organisation to respond.

Advocate General R Shanmugasundaram mentioned that everyone is free to learn Hindi in the State. Hindi could be learned in the Institutes that teach Hindi. The Court responded that there is a difference between learning and teaching.