Eight-year-old Hindu boy converted to Islam by his Muslim grandmother in Chhattisgarh !

Editorial comment

Most of the time, a Hindus girl is converted after she marries a Muslim. Moreover, even after a Muslim girl marries a Hindu, the Muslim family makes a conspiracy to convert the future Hindu generations !

Jashpur – Eight-year-old Saurabh Sannavani, the son of Chittaranjan Sonwani, was converted to Islam by his Muslim grandmother (maternal). She lied about taking her grandson to the fair and converted him to Islam, naming him ‘Shamshad’. Father Chittaranjan Sonwani filed a complaint in Police, saying that the conversion took place without his knowledge.

Sonwani married a girl named Reshma Begum 10 years ago. After that, Reshama’s family forced Sonwani and his family many times to convert their religion, tried to give them various incentives but Sonwani rejected them all. ‘Last year in November, Reshma had gone to visit her family. That time, they both together converted Saurabh. Knowing about that now, I have filed a complaint’, said Sonwani.