The Film Federation of India rejects ‘Sardar Udham’ for Oscar nomination since it shows hatred towards the British !

Congress criticises BJP Govt at the Centre

Editorial comment

Is the Film Federation of India, an Indian or British organisation that is taking such a decision ?

Mumbai – ‘Sardar Udham’, a Hindi film has been rejected for Oscar nomination by the juries of the Film Federation of India (FFI). Oscar is considered as an award of great honour in the film industry at the international level. The reason for its rejection is stated to be British-hatred shown in this film. ‘Sardar Udham’ has been released on OTT (Over the top) platform and is based on the life of a revolutionary, Sardar Udham Singh.

Maharashtra Regional Congress Committee’s General Secretary and its main Spokesperson, Atul Londhe has criticised the BJP Government. Londhe said, “The action taken by FFI is an insult to 130 crore Indians. The juries have insulted Udham Singh’s patriotism and his highest sacrifice by showing more concern for the British”.

The reason given by the juries is its hatred towards the British. It is quite ridiculous that the reasons for rejecting the film are not any lack of the film’s cinematic values or standards. The unjust British power had inordinately persecuted revolutionaries fighting for freedom of this country. Why is the BJP Government, otherwise constantly trying to show off its patriotism, keeping quiet on this issue ? It is not only painful but also surprising.

Sardar Udham Singh was one of the martyrs who happily sacrificed his life for the freedom of this country. The film awakens patriotism in viewers; still, if the reason is given as an exhibition of hatred towards the British, it is most condemnable.

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