What to do on the day of Yamadeepdan ?

Deity Yama has been allotted the task of taking life. None has escaped or will escape death, which will come in due time. However, to prevent untimely death, an oil lamp (or 13 oil lamps) made of wheat flour should be lit and placed outside the house (facing South) in the evening. Lamps are never kept facing South except on this day. Reciting the following mantra, we should pray –

मृतुना पाशदंडाभां वालेन शामसह | त्राोदशांदिपदानात् र्सूाज: प्रीयतां मम ||

Meaning : I offer these 13 lamps to the son of the Sun Deity, so that He liberates me from the clutches of death and blesses me.