A Christian missionary converting Hindus banned from entering a village in Odisha  

Editorial comment

A commendable decision taken by Hindus to prevent conversion ! Realise that it would be possible to foil Christian missionaries’ ploy of converting Hindus if Hindus become alert  

Sundargarh (Odisha) – A Christian missionary has been banned from going to Tangardihi village by the residents. The villagers have taken such a decision to foil the plot of a Christian missionary to convert Hindus.

As per the information given by the locals, a Christian missionary named Mahendra Sahoo was regularly going to Tangardihi village for converting Hindus despite their opposition. (Converted Hindus do not change their names as they want easy access amongst Hindus which makes their job of converting Hindus also easy ! – Editor) On realising this, the local Hindu residents called a meeting of all residents. They asked Sahoo to give a kind of affidavit that he would not again go to that village. Sundargarh District has always been a target of Christian missionaries for Hindus’ conversions. The Vishva Hindu Parishad’s District Secretary, Ramchandra Naik has stated that despite a State law banning conversions in force, the State Government was not implementing it properly. (Despite the law against the conversion of religion, Christian missionaries try to convert Hindus, which shows that they are not afraid of the law ! The Biju Janata Dal Government, which is not implementing the law effectively, is responsible for such things ! – Editor)