Bangladeshi intruder arrested in Indore for smuggling Bangladeshi girls into prostitution in India

More than 200 girls trapped

Married 75 girls and brought them to India

Editorial comments

  • Were the Indian agencies asleep while the Bangladeshi intruders were entering India and carrying out illegal activities ?
  • The Government should try to get capital punishment for such perpetrators.

Indore (MP) – Indore Police have arrested Munir alias Munirul, a Bangladeshi intruder, in a case of smuggling and sex racket. He used to marry Bangladeshi girls, bring them to India, and later push them into prostitution. He has married more than 75 girls till now while having pushed more than 200 girls into prostitution. He brought the girls to India by marrying them.

Munirul used to enter India from Porus on the Bangladesh border and went to various places in the country through agents. After coming from Bangladesh, the girls were kept in Kolkata. Here they were given the training. After this, the second training was done in Mumbai. Then the girls were supplied according to the demand. In the last 11 months, the Police have rescued 21 Bangladeshi girls.