A Police Inspector suspended for abducting and thrashing a trader in Uttar Pradesh

Police act like Goondas !

Editorial comment

Such Policemen should not only be suspended but immediately imprisoned and all their property confiscated. By filing the case in a Fast Track Court, the Government should ensure life imprisonment is meted out to such Policemen.

Bulandshahar (Uttar Pradesh) – Ajay Kumar, Additional Inspector of Police in Bulandshahar, raided the establishment of a locksmith and abducted him, without the approval of his seniors. The locksmith was beaten up tortured and threatened by putting a pistol put in his mouth. A Police complaint was filed against Ajay Kumar and he was suspended. The incident is being investigated.

On 16th September, a person named Rajiv Kumar lodged a case against Abhishek Tiwari of Aligarh in the Bulandshahar City Kotwali Police station for a bounced check of Rs. 6,60,000. Additional Inspector Ajay Kumar went to Aligarh to arrest Tiwari without the permission of his senior officers. The Police do not have the right to arrest anyone in case of a check bounces. However, Ajay Kumar had arrested and tortured the locksmith.