Four Christian missionaries arrested for coaxing villagers for conversion in Karnataka

Editorial comments

  • Why is the Central Government not passing a Bill against conversions when a large number of Hindus are being converted by Christian missionaries in India ?
  • Religious conversion is like changing loyalty to another nation. Therefore, if the problem of religious conversion is declared a national issue, and if the Christian missionaries are severely punished; only then it would put a curb on their activities.      

Yadgir (Karnataka) – The local youth observed that some Christian missionaries were coaxing and converting a few villagers in Nilhalli. They complained to the local Police station, leading to the arrest of 4 Christian missionaries, including two women. One of the 4 missionaries named Jemsa started arguing with the local youth and told them that there was a Government order for the conversion of people. (Christian missionaries’ false claims ! The State BJP Government should clarify its stand on conversions and should put behind bars the people who are making false propaganda against the Government ! – Editor)

The Christian missionaries were trying to convert the residents especially, the Dalits. When the local young men asked Jemsa why they were converting people when there was not even a church in the village, he said they were not converting the ‘Dalits’, but the missionaries were just trying to bring a change in them. (The scheming Christian missionaries try to cover up their misdeeds by playing with words ! – Editor) Jemsa threatened to go to the Police when he was asked to show the copy of the Government’s order granting them permission for conversion. The young men then immediately went to the Police station and lodged a complaint against the Christian missionaries. The Police arrested the 4 persons who had gone there for conversion. The Christian missionaries were presented before the Court and were sent to judicial custody.