Encroachments on temples’ lands worth Rs 10 billion cleared in 4 months !

Editorial comments

  • Imprison those responsible for allowing encroachment on temples’ lands and wasting crores of temple revenue.
  • Even though the temples’ land have been freed from encroachment, but what about the “Governmental encroachment” of the ruling DMK Party on these temples ?

Chennai – A drive was undertaken in Tamil Nadu against the encroachments for the last 4 months, and it has succeeded in freeing temples’ lands worth Rs. 10 billion. After coming to power, the DMK Government had decided to free such lands from encroachments. There are 44,000 temples in the State and their data is being compiled and digitised. The information on the temples’ lands will be made public through this system.

Tamil Nadu Minister PK Shekhar Babu said that officers from his Department were digitising papers and documents related to temples’ wealth and it would be made public.