Illegal mosque near Tehri Dam demolished by the State administration due to opposition by pro-Hindu organisations  

Editorial comment

An illegal mosque’s existence near the dam for 20 years is disgraceful for all parties that have ruled Uttarakhand !

 Garhwal (Uttarakhand) – The local administration demolished a mosque illegally built near the Tehri dam. Pro-Hindu organisations and residents had lodged complaints against the mosque. (What were the Police and Government administration doing when the mosque was built illegally near the dam ? How can those, with all the Government machinery at their disposal, not notice such a thing which was noticed by the residents and pro-Hindu organisations ? Action should be taken against the persons responsible for such lapse! – Editor) A movement was undertaken for the demolition of the illegal mosque that existed for 20 years and a trend was also started on Twitter. (Hindus feel that with the BJP Government ruling the State, so much opposition was not necessary to remove an illegal mosque ! – Editor)

In 2000, this mosque was temporarily built by the construction company for the convenience of Muslim workers working at the site when the dam was being built. The construction company and the workers left after the dam was completed, but the mosque remained. Hundreds of Muslims used to go there on Fridays for ‘namaz’. Many people used to occupy even the roads for ‘namaz’. Incidents of eve-teasing were also reported on the days of ‘namaz’.