Delhi riots were pre-planned : Delhi High Court

Editorial comments

  • Realise that not only Delhi riots, but all riots staged by the religious fanatics are always pre-planned and staged under the pretext of some trivial issue !  
  • People feel that the Court should give a death sentence to the concerned religious fanatics for staging riots !

New Delhi – The riots staged in Delhi last February was not a reaction to any incident but it was a pre-planned ploy, as stated by the Delhi High Court. These riots were staged to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). 53 people had died in these riots.

The Court has stated that the video presented by the petitioners in the Court clearly shows the attitude of the agitators that it was pre-planned and its purpose was to disrupt the Government and people’s life. Switching off CCTV by the rioters proves their motive; which was to disturb the law and order situation in the city. It was also seen clearly that the rioters had brutally attacked the Police officers. The riots were a pre-planned conspiracy and it didn’t take place out of the blue.

Mohammad Ibrahim, an accused in the riots, was carrying a sword. Police Constable Ratanlal had died due to sharp weapon wounds in these riots. Ibrahim’s advocate had argued that Police constable Ratanlal did not die due to sword as stated in the report on his wounds. The accused had only taken a sword to protect himself and his family.

The Court has stated on this argument that the weapon seen in Ibrahim’s hand is decisive proof to extend his period of imprisonment. It was very likely that his weapon had caused serious injury or death; therefore, he cannot be granted bail.