Bajrang Dal protest the girl dancing on the song ‘Second Hand Jawani’ outside the gate of Chhatarpur temple in Madhya Pradesh

Editorial comment

Realise that Hindus do such inappropriate acts and harm the purity and importance of temples due to lack of education on Dharma.

Chhatarpur (MP) – Seeing the video in which a girl, Aarati Sahu was dancing at the entrance of Janrai Toriya temple of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh, Bajrang Dal has opposed it. The Dal has commented that those who disgrace Hindu Sanskruti, have no right to live in the society.

Mahant Bhagwandas of the temple said that dancing in such a manner is inappropriate. Do not defame the Mutt, temple, and an ashram. Action should be taken against those responsible for it.

The dancing girl said justifying her act that the video has nothing objectionable or obscene, that it should be opposed. There is nothing vulgar; my dress also was decent, adhering to full civility.