Crime registered against the religious fanatic doctor and his son for the forcible circumcision & conversion of a Hindu servant in Madhya Pradesh

Editorial comments

  • Is Malwa in India or Pakistan ? Hindus feel that such an incident should not happen when there is a BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh. Fear of Government must be created among religious fanatics !
  • No matter how educated religious fanatics are, they remain fanatic according to their religion and attack Hindus. Whereas, when Hindus get higher education, they become more and more atheists and show it to the world.

Malwa (Madhya Pradesh) – Dr Nasir Khan and his son Zubair Khan forcibly converted their servant Dashrath and circumcised him. The case has been registered with the Police under anti-conversion laws. Dr Nasir and Zubair beat up Dashrath for going to the temple and forced him to read namaz. Dashrath has been working here since 2007.

“They were beating me up and pressuring me saying, ‘You have to convert to Islam because you have been fed by us for many years”, Dashrath said in the complaint. According to the new anti-conversion law of the Madhya Pradesh Government, the convict can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh.