A disgraceful attempt of creating awareness amongst women by ‘Anivarya Sanstha’, Indore, through keeping a sanitary napkin in the hand of Shri Ganesh Idol !

Editorial comments

  • Lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’ amongst Hindus can take them to such a low level for denigrating Deities !
  • It is the outcome of Hindus not imparted ‘Dharmashikshan’ by either Hindu organisations or their religious organisations or Dharmagurus, etc. Whereas, the non-Hindus never insult their seats of worship because they are taught about their religion. Moreover, if anyone else denigrates their religion, then they even take law into their own hands !
  • Why Hindu Deities are used for creating awareness of women’s menstrual cycle ? Can’t they use something else for this purpose ? It seems to be done to get cheap publicity. The BJP Government of Madhya Pradesh should register cases against the concerned on its own and try to see that the culprits were stringently punished !

Indore (MP) – On the occasion of the Ganesh festival, ‘Anivarya’, a private organisation has installed the Shri Ganesh Idol. There is a sanitary napkin, used by women during their menstrual periods, in one of the hands of this Idol. This has angered Hindus. The concerned organisation has claimed that it was done to create awareness amongst women about the menstrual periods and it justified its disgraceful act. (There are many different mediums to create awareness about menstrual periods, but instead of making use of them, using Hindus’ Deities and even justifying their wrong action is an anti-Hindu Dharma act! – Editor) The organisation has also claimed that Shri Ganesh has been shown as a responsible husband. (Where was the need to show a sanitary napkin in His hand to prove it ? Had this organisation arranged a reading of Ganesh-Puran during the Ganesh festival days, people would have learned about many qualities of Shri Ganesh. ‘Anivarya Sanstha’ is making such baseless statements only because it has come under the influence of women’s liberation and progressiveness ! – Editor) Devi Riddhi and Siddhi are shown on each side of the Idol of Shri Ganesh. Hindus are opposing it through social media.

The founder of this organisation and a writer, Ankit Bagadi said that Shri Ganesh was shown in the form of ‘Bahubali’ after the success of a film with that name. At that time, he thought of using Shri Ganesh Chaturthi to create awareness of the monthly menstrual cycle. We are celebrating the platinum jubilee of Independence; so thought of doing something for women’s liberation. (These Hindus, who are doing something against ‘Dharmashastra’ under the guise of women’s liberation, are the real foes of Hindu Dharma ! – Editor)