Women should just give birth to children; they cannot be Ministers : Taliban

Editorial comments

Why women’s organisations, human rights commission, etc. in India do not speak against the Taliban or do they think that what the Taliban is doing is right ?

In Hindu Dharma, women are given the status of Goddesses, but in the Sharia law of the Taliban, women are considered only as objects and machines for giving birth to children ! Ironically, none of the so-called intellectuals, secularists, as well as Farooq Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti utters a word of protest in this regard !

Taliban Spokesperson

Kabul (Afghanistan) – In an interview with Tolo News, a Taliban spokesperson said that a woman cannot become a Minister. Making a woman a Minister is like giving a person an overwhelming responsibility. He further stated, ‘Women should restrict themselves to giving birth only. Women don’t need to be in the cabinet and the current women protesters do not represent all women in Afghanistan’. Earlier, the Taliban had promised equal rights to women.

Protests against the Taliban Government have been raging in Kabul and other cities for the past few days. The involvement of women in these protests is significant. There are protests for equal rights for women, the right to education and employment.