Congress putting up posters depicting former CM of MP, Kamalnath as Shrikrushna and the present CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan as Kansa

Editorial comments

  • Realise that no action is taken against individuals insulting Hindu Deities. If there was a Blasphemy Act, then action could have been taken on anti-Hindu Congress. Let us hope that at least now the Central Government will try to pass such a Bill.
  • Hindus are always at the forefront in insulting Hindu Deities. Therefore, we need not be surprised if someone raises a question, ‘Why should Shrikrushna save Hindus in adverse times ? Yet, it is essential to teach such individuals spiritual practice.

This photo has been published for people to know about the incident of desecration of Deity’s idol and not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

Bhopal (MP) – The poster put up outside the Congress office here depicted Congress leader and former Chief Minister Kamalnath as Shrikrushna; whereas the BJP leader and the present Chief Minister of the State, Shivraj Singh Chouhan depicted as Kansa. BJP has criticised Congress for insulting the Hindu religion and Deities.

Congress leader Shahryar Khan supporting the gesture

(Will Shahryar Khan have supported the insult caused like this by the Congress to his Seat of faith ? And will his fellow brothers pardon him then ? Since Hindus have no pride in their Dharma, others dare to insult their Deities which is very disgraceful. – Editor)

Congress leader Shahryar Khan said that BJP will be taught a lesson in the Assembly Elections to be held in 2023. God sends someone to destroy when sins go beyond control. (Why Shahryar Khan does not speak a word about annihilating the increasing sin on the earth due to jihadi terrorists, religious fanatics ? – Editor) Kamalnath is a ‘Vikas Purush’ (A man for development). He has developed Chindawara. Shivraj Singh has not done anything for the State.

Congress has expressed its anti-Hindu mentality – BJP

The Home Minister of the State, Narottam Mishra said while accusing Congress that it always makes fun of Hindu Dharma. Earlier the Congress President was depicted as Shri Durgadevi and now Kamalnath has been shown as Shrikrusha. Congress always hurts Hindus’ religious sentiments. From this Congress mentality is obvious. (Narottam Mishra is the Home Minister; hence Hindus feel that he should register crime on the respective individuals and take action. – Editor)

Even in Bihar, Lalu Prasad shown as Shrikrushna

In another incident leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Lalu Prasad Yadav is depicted as Shrikrushna with Sudarshan Chakra in hand. Lalu Prasad’s son, Tej Pratap Yadav has published this picture on Facebook. (BJP is the ruling party in Bihar, hence Hindus expect immediate action on Tej Pratap Yadav. – Editor)